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Updated: May 14, 2021

Happy May everyone!

The last few months we've had quite a bit of exposure here in Italy in regards to the work we're doing.

On Sunday March 24th there was an article in the Prealpina newspaper, on April 25th there was an article in the women's magazine Donna Moderna and during the International Design week in Milan we were part of an exhibition on Collective Collaborations at the beautiful Cascina Cuccagna.

Thanks to Elisabetta Castellini for the articles and Laura Traldi for letting us take part in the exhibit.

Spreading the word about the work we do is an important part of the project as it leads to opening up the taboo topic of feminine hygiene and menstruation. A lot of people are still shocked when they hear about how difficult it is for girls to manage their periods in many countries around the world.

Thanks again to all of our amazing volunteers and helpers (near and far!). It means the world to me and, especially, the girls who benefit from your work.

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