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Bagel event for India

Updated: May 14, 2021

COVID-19 is having a devastating impact in India, and the situation in Nepal may go the same way. We've heard from the communities we work that they are affected by this crisis.

In order to continue our support, we have decided to organise several fundraising initiatives for the coming weeks.

Our first initiative was a bagel sale and donation request from our local community here in Italy. Over two days we baked close to 200 bagels (difficult to find here in Italy!) and raised close to 1000€. We will organise more in the near future as the interest was overwhelming!

We're planning to donate some of the funds to the Landour Community Hospital, in Mussoorie, India, towards the acquisition of much needed oxygen concentrators. The rest of the funds will most likely be sent to our partner association RSKS in Ajmer, India.

Thank you to everyone who ordered bagels and made such generous donations over the last few days. Every cent helps!

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