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Nimi Edu Fund

As some of you may remember, in December we created a Scholarship Fund for youth in the remote mountain area we visited in Nepal.

After our trip we realised that the opportunity to study for many is impossible due to financial constraints. Obviously, it is fundamental for the youth of these communities to learn new skills in order to support themselves and their families in the future.

Our first recipient is Diku, an amazingly strong and sweet young woman living in Damar, Nepal. Diku helped us conduct our Days for Girls feminine hygiene kit deliveries in five different communities. She did a wonderful job talking to almost 200 girls and women about a very taboo subject!

At a young age Diku lost her mother who passed away due to complications after childbirth. She was left to take care of her 4 siblings including her newborn brother. Sadly enough, during our time in Nepal Diku also lost her 11 year old sister Nimi. Devastating for the entire family and community. Our fund is named in memory of Nimi.

Diku has traveled to Kathmandu to fulfil her dream of studying English. She already had a good base and now is the time to perfect it.

Wishing Diku the best of luck in her studies! ♡

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