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Khempur village, Rajasthan, India

A few years ago my good friend @kanchenindelhi sent me a link for a film called Skater Girl. She thought my avid skateboarder son Nico and I would enjoy it. And we did! The movie combines skateboarding, female empowerment and India, so what more could we ask for in a film? The images and scenery were beautiful and the storyline inspiring.

Fast forward to Spring 2022 when I started thinking about finally returning to India after almost 3 long (covid) years. I knew I wanted to travel to new rural communities in Rajasthan that would benefit from our workshops and kit distribution. Skater Girl immediately came to mind so I did some research online and found the site of the skatepark that was built for the movie: @desertdolphinskatepark. I wrote the contact email and waited for a reply.

A few weeks later I actually found their reply in my junk folder... I quickly responded and the ball started rolling. They were interested in the work we do and said it would fit in perfectly with the outreach programme connected to

Finally, after months of planning, we arrived to meet @vinatimak and @_palakdshah_. We met the community and under the guidance of @vinatimak, we delivered Days for Girls kits to a few hundred young girls and women.

It was a great experience that led to more collaboration in the year to come.

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